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Article provided by: Wesco Wireline and Testing

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

In the petroleum industry, petroleum testing is common. It is used to test product components, and crude oil, fuel, natural gas, shale oil, and upstream oil and gas petroleum by-products. Moreover, there are instruments used to test other areas of petroleum. Such aspects include testing viscosity, flash point, various measurements of physical properties, capacity to lessen friction, behavior, and stability. Other formats of petroleum for example petroleum testing are also used to treat wax-based products.

Food product testing and environmental monitoring of petroleum in soil and water are other applications of petroleum testing. Some of the petroleum testing instruments include flash point testers, distillation equipment, vapor pressure analyzers, oxidation stability analyzers, octane number analyzers, and others.

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Review Of Our Testing Equipment And How They Are Best?

Flashpoint Testers:

A flashpoint tester is an instrument that specifies the flashpoint of a specimen, which refers to the temperature at which the sample vaporizes to another composition state in the air that can be stirred. There are two main kinds of flash point analyzers: open cup flash point testers and closed cup flash point testers. For usefuapplicationson flash point testers help in identifying the flashpoint in the petroleum industry.

Vapour Pressure Analyzers:

Our vapor pressure analyzer is used for vapor pressure testing of volatile liquids such as petroleum, crude oil, and gasoline is critically vital both in terms of safety and product achievement standpoint. They also aid in identifying the effects of additives, give product performance hints, and gauge a liquid’s tendency to vapor in specific environmental conditions.

Distillation Equipment:

Distillation equipment is long in use in the petroleum industry. The boiling range of a petroleum product is often determined by distillation equipment. Our incredible and reliable distillation equipment is used for the distillation process. The boiling range aids in providing info on composition properties, and the behavior of the fuel during storage and use. Ithe n case of fuels and solvents, ts the distillation aspects of hydrocarbons have a significant impact on safety and performance.

Oxidation Stability Analyzer:

Oxidation stability analyzers are used in the petrochemical, food, materials, and conscience industry Our oxidation stability analyzers in the petroleum industry are great in use. Oxidation stability is a chemical reaction that is the outcome of a mixture of lubricating oil and oxygen. The oxidation rate is heightened by rising temperatures, water, acids, and catalysts. Increased oxidation in the petroleum industry sludge accumulation.

Octane Number Analyzers:

Our excellent quality Octane number analyzers are best in use. The octane number is interpreted as the percentage or volume fraction of isooctane in a fuel. It is the point where the compression ratio of the fuel is started at the same ratio as of the knock.

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Test Equipment
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Test Equipment
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Test Equipment

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